Start of the application period for the FNG-Label 2024

For the ninth time, asset managers now have the opportunity to apply with their products for the SRI quality standard on the German-speaking market.

The application period for the FNG-Label 2024 begins on 04.04.2023 and ends on 07.07.2023. In the last few years, the number of applicants has increased continuously from around 50 to 300.

IMPORTANT: Applicants who have been registered already, please log in with the existing account information.

ESG INSIDE: Information for product managers

Advertising sustainability is easy. Therefore, it is even more important to verify genuine quality and make it visible. Show investors and distribution partners at a glance that your sustainable products meet or exceed today’s expectations for sustainability funds.

The independent testing and evaluation work is carried out by the non-profit academic association F.I.R.S.T. in conjunction with Advanced Impact Research GmbH (AIR) as a university spin-off. Prof. Dr. Timo Busch from the University of Hamburg is the academic director. The Qualitätssicherungsgesellschaft Nachhaltiger Geldanlagen mbH (QNG) bears overall responsibility, in particular for the coordination, awarding and marketing of the FNG-label. The review process is also monitored by an external committee with interdisciplinary expertise.

Application period FNG-Label 2024:
04.04.2023 to 07.07.2023
Review and assessment process/feedback: until 13.10.2023

Award ceremony at the Römerberg in Frankfurt am Main: 23.11.2023

The FNG-Label
online platform

Important information
about the process

*Please fill out your profile completely during your registration so that we can match it accordingly. Please note that registrations without profile information cannot be processed.
Applicants who have been registered already, please log in with the existing account information.
**Please note that as soon as all submitted products have passed the minimum requirements, it is technically no longer possible to book/activate further products. Therefore, please have the desired number of products activated at the beginning of the review and assessment process.

Requirements and
application documents

Sustainably managed investment funds or similar investment vehicles of all asset classes can apply for the FNG-Label, provided they comply with the UCITS or an equivalent standard and are authorized for distribution in at least one of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

The Label requires the fulfillment of certain minimum requirements. To be awarded the Label, the product has to meet all minimum requirements. Candidates that apply for both the minimum requirements and the grading model may achieve up to three stars in the grading model signaling varying levels of quality. The number of stars awarded depends on the number of percentage points achieved in the grading model.

In order to be reviewed and assessed, the information for all the applicable requirements (minimum and grading model) must be submitted online by 07.07.2023.

As stated in the rules of procedure, the assessment team from Prof. Dr. Timo Busch has the right to request additional documents in order to verify the product’s compliance with the Label’s criteria.

Sustainability Profile

The FNG-Sustainability Profile provides a brief overview of a fund’s sustainability information and supplemental data.

Examples may be found here. Depending on the fund the data may be available in English.


You should also download the rules of procedure before filling in the questionnaire in order to be able to better understand the Label criteria.

Should you require more detailed information about the application process, the application requirements and the Label criteria, please contact us at or by phone at +49 – (0)30 – 629 3799 85.

We would also be happy to visit your office to discuss the FNG-Label. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Explanatory videos
about the FNG-Label

FNG-Label Process

In this video, we summarise the entire process flow of the label with all relevant time frames and deadlines that are important for an application for our quality standard of sustainable investments.

Rules of procedure
Awarding ceremony

FNG-Label Process
-Minimum Requirements-

In this video, we explain the labeling process and give you further information on the minimum requirements of the FNG-Label.

FNG-Label Process
-Grading Model-

In this video, we explain the procedure of the grading model. The grading model – as the voluntary part after the successfully completed mandatory  part – gives you the opportunity to receive a higher award of up to three stars in addition to the minimum requirements.

FNG-Label Process

In this video, we explain the feature “referencing“. We go into the basic idea behind referencing and show you how to use it in the Online-Tool.

FNG-Label Process
-Tips & Tricks-

In this video, we have summarised information and tips for you on how to fill in the form and specifically on the minimum requirements to enable you – and us – the assessment team – to have a smooth review and assessment process.

Rules of procedure
Awarding ceremony

How does the
Online-Tool work?

In this video, we explain how the Online-Tool works.

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